In | Me and Mine Project #14

August 2017

I can't wait to write a Me and Mine monthly post without the majority of it being tinged with illness but alas, it won't be this month. After catching a sick bug (and then kindly passing it on to the rest of us) poor Ivy has been suffering more than ever this month and is now due more surgery in the near future. Sadly, this has dominated August for us but despite many plans not going quite to, well, plan, we did manage to top the month off with the most wonderful bank holiday, all four of us together for five lovely days - moments I am truly trying to cherish whenever they do come around.

We have seen a real change in Ted this month - gone is our newborn (was he ever really newborn though with his head control and rolling abilities though?) and we are now entering the joys of weaning, teething, chatting and most scarily, crawling. All of this in his busy little brain has meant sleep has much become a thing of the past but it was good whilst it lasted and there is nothing quite like waking up to the happiest little boy of all time, even at 5.30am.

But by far my favourite moment of the month was selfishly getting to have a couple of hours away from the children for the first time since Ted was born. It's amazing what good food, better gin and some one-on-one time with the person I love the most can do and although September is not quite looking how it was meant to originally, I know as always that we will get through it all, together.