In | Me and Mine Project #9

March 2017

I'm sure you can forgive me for being a little late with his month's Me and Mine Project post as I am over the moon to announce the arrival of our gorgeous little boy, Teddy John Jacob Clarke, who entered the world at 23:09 on Tuesday 28th March, weighing a perfect 8lb 2oz - we are all completely besotted with our new little bundle.

The whole month had been spent anticipating this little one's arrival and he most certainly kept us busy with blood work problems, a false labour call, regular contractions stopping and starting for the final 2 weeks and then a scare of reduced fetal movement towards the end. On the day of his birth, we were in fact rushed into hospital for an induction but whilst waiting for this to happen, he decided to come out on his own terms and I went into labour spontaneously when we reached the induction suite.

Despite all of the worries, I certainly think the last month of my pregnancy was the one I enjoyed the most. He had dropped nice and early which had made me much more comfortable and I used the time waiting for him to meet up with lots of friends locally and soak up the last few weeks with just my big girl. We enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day on the 26th at a local pub for lunch with my Mum, Grandad and Brother in tow and then our final family photo of 3 was taken on a gorgeous walk in the woods just the day before we became a 4.

Ivy had also had a very good month with very little hospital appointments and just one MOT in A&E due to a virus messing with her Protein Loss (which you can read about here) and I do believe her mobility has improved ever so slightly allowing park visits to become a regular occurrence once again which has been wonderful. She has become obsessed with Trolls and all the songs the past few weeks and I can't see that changing for quite a while and has beautifully started asking the names of all the flowers that have begun appearing on our walks together. Her initial start to sisterhood wasn't quite as we'd expected after the months of sheer excitement at the prospect of having a baby brother though, with her struggling to grasp the share of attention (unsuprisingly, as she has been the centre of our universe for so long) but we have already begun to see a vast iprovement in her behaviour in just a few days so I have every faith that once she has got past the transition she will be back to her wonderful self.

I am going to take a month off the blog now and restart our normal posts on Thursdays and Sundays with our April Me and Mine project on the first Sunday in May to allow myself to take in every single second I have with my perfect family. When I had Ivy, I couldn't believe how much I had been longing to be a mother and the fact it had finally happened for me but I had never in a million years expected that one day that would turn in to the whole package. I could not be more in love with Michael who has taken to fatherhood with Ivy, and now a newborn, like a duck to water and providing me with everything I could have ever wanted - I am so proud of the family we have created and I am just so happy my heart could just burst. After everything we have been through together in the last 6 months, I simply cannot believe we are here with our son now in our arms and I determined to cling on to this feeling forever.