In | Me and Mine Project #10

April 2017

Well, I think that was the quickest month of all time! I can't believe I'm back here already with our first photo as a 4! Taken by Grandad Ron on the Easter weekend at our local fancy hangout, the day before Michael went back to work after 3 Weeks of Paternity bliss (most likely the main culprit of April disappearing before our very eyes - time flies when you're having fun)

And what fun it has been! We have been settling into our new life comfortably and wasted no time in getting out and about with our new addition - whether that's been to town or to Willows for the Easter Garden and Pig Racing or simply family walks for fresh air. I've even made it to London (on my own with the babes!) for Boden's AW17 Press Day and arrived home with us all in tact! But more importantly we've stayed in, got to grips with our new family dynamic and allowed friends and family to share some special moments with our completely and utterly gorgeous boy and his very proud big sister.

Ivy's biggest news this month is that she has been offered a place at our chosen nursery and I don't know which one of us is more excited! It has of course come to light now I have had Teddy that she needs that time so her independence, social skills with other children and learning can develop in an environment in which she can thrive, which I just cannot offer. I will miss my girl so terribly but for the first time ever, I am completely ready for this stage in her life. A year or so ago, I was worried she may never get to experience these opportunities that are a part of everyday life for most children and the thought of leaving her in other peoples care filled me with fear but now I know whats best for her and I have such confidence in the nursery (and SENCO) I know now that the time is completely right for the both of us.

June seems to be looking a little manic already so we're making sure May is as chilled as possible (with a few little treats here and there) and I am so looking forward to getting back to this little space of mine which is 2 whole years old this week! I'm so proud of myself for keeping up with it and cannot believe some of the amazing people and places it has led me to and I am loving it even more than ever before. Watching Ivy read back through posts of our adventures together reminds me just how important it is to document these special moments for us all to enjoy but selfishly I love using those moments inbetween the chaos (usually with a baby attached to my boob) to do something that I adore doing so much to keep me (slightly) sane! So thank you to everyone that follows along with us - here's to a new chapter.