In | Me and Mine Project #8

February 2017

And just like that, it is MARCH! Due date month! I am under no illusion that there is a small chance we may roll over into April but I have literally everything crossed that this is the month 3 finally become 4. He has definitely 'dropped' and the midwife has confirmed his head is engaged leaving me with space to breathe once again! but I am so over the constant aches, twinges and general exhaustion so here's to a quiet month with lots of lengthy walks, midwife appointments and the last nights of sleep.

We made the most of February before the March wind-down by squeezing in as many trips as we could - Michael and I even managed a date night alone to see Jack Whitehall for my birthday which could not have been more lovely, but of course we celebrated with mini too with a trip to the zoo (where this photo was snapped) and we've also crammed in final visits to Oxford and London, knowing the next time we go to both of these places we will have a plus one.

Despite the excitement and impatience for our imminent arrival, I have also been trying to lap up the last of my time as a parent of one and savouring every moment with my big girl. I know I won't have to give up all of our alone time together but it has been 'just us' every single day for so long I know it's going to take some getting used to for both of us. She's not always made it easy for me to enjoy with the threenager stage in full swing but she's continually growing into such a strong-minded character, I cannot help but be even more proud of her. She has started to have favourite songs and can sing them back to be off my heart which feels so incredibly grown up, she's recognising even more words on signs whilst we're out and about (most of which I don't know how she's learnt!) and her imaginative play melts my heart on a daily basis - despite the difficult moments, it really is such a lovely age. 

For the first time in the last 6 months, my health care appointments have actually outweighed Ivy's and it's been lovely to settle even more so into a 'normal'ish life in between the long process of waiting for referrals and test results. Her nursery application even went in this month which has set off all of the emotions in this heavily pregnant, hormonal mama but she has also been enjoying making lots of new friends at various play dates in the last few weeks, something new and exciting for the both of us which is set to continue over the summer, I hope, before such (another) massive life change.

So let's get this first big change done with now please, I am very much hoping that our March update is the most exciting one yet!