Wardrobe | Little Bird By Jools Spring 17

I feel like I say this every new season release, but this Spring's Little Bird By Jools range has been my absolute favourite yet, so much so I wanted to just have a little natter about our most loved pieces. It's no secret that we find ourselves buying a large chunk of each collection - the bright colours, retro designs and perfect patterns suiting Ivy to a tee but 5 years on, the Mothercare-based team are going from strength to strength and we seem to have got our little mits on even more so than ever because, well look.

Before the launch, I made a very specific list of bits I was going to buy (based on the Preview as seen here) and right at the top was this amazing navy blouse with it's incredible collar. The pinafore however has always been a piece I have bypassed (turquoise and green appearing in previous collections) but with the material getting a well-needed update to needlecord I just couldn't resist once I'd seen it instore.

I am a sucker for an embroidered collar and this whole collection boasts the most amazing selection I have ever encountered for children - most notiably on this gorgeous green cardigan, the perfect spring -time piece. This particular combination is being reached for very regularly, mainly by Ivy who's favourite piece is most definitely this pale yellow dress. Pastels may not be the immediate thing that comes to mind when you think of Little Bird but this vintage styled smock dress has won over both our hearts.

My favourite dress of the drop has been this little blue number - another perfectly updated piece from the red version last spring but this mac is arguably my favourite piece from the whole collection. Ideal for the transition between winter and summer, rain and sun and so easy to layer over absolutely everything I know this is going to get more than it's fair share of wear.

We're always a little reluctant to buy tees in the winter in fear they'll be covered by cardigans but this patch-based tee with retro red trim is so right, I really want one for myself!

Mothercare Navy Roll Neck, Floral Dress*

Unlike the tees, we find it so easy to winterize the sleeveless summer dresses with roll neck tops and tights whilst we patiently wait for the sun to come out (and rather impatiently wait for the matching maternity version to come out!)

Back to basics - sometimes the classics are some of the best pieces aren't they? With the typical rainbow cardigan coming in bright yellow this season and stripes coming out in the form of this gorgeous dress.

And so, the twinning begins. This is the first season I have bought from new for baby boy and this stand-out print is absolutely perfect for unisex matching - so much so we have got Ivy the jammies and tee but have also invested in the vest, leggings and sleepsuit for our new arrival.

What have you bought from the new Little Bird collection? Check back soon for a full Children's Bedroom tour to see which bits of the new nursery range we've picked up and as ever, follow us on instagram at @amyrosewatts for daily #littlebirdbyjools outfits