In | Me and Mine Project #7

January 2017

I'm afraid this is probably a bit of cheat of a 'Me and Mine' photograph - we didn't manage to capture a picture of the Clarkes all together this month but with so much happening I felt I wanted to a monthly update anyway, and this photo of the Watts ladies on New Years Day has already become an absolute favourite family photo. It's turned out to be a busy old month even though I had done my best to try and keep the diary relatively empty. Between medical appointments for the both of us, catching up with friends and family (finally, after Ivy's operation) and really gearing up the preparations for our 2017 arrival the month has gone past in a flash.

Even since Christmas, Ivy seems to be developing at a crazy rate - my big girl is now in knickers most of the time (when we're not bound by diuretics) and is using the toilet, not the potty! Even more crazily, the kid that only ate toast, stage one pouches and tomato pasta is now eating almost exactly what we have for dinner each night and now loves salmon, burritos, spaghetti bolognaise and a huge variety of foods she'd never of dreamt of touching before.

Craziest of all, we have begun the process of getting her ready for school. Ivy has always been cared for at home for various reasons (mainly medical) but now has come the time where she is asking to go to playgroup and I am desperate for her to get social interaction in a school-type environment. We've chosen our first choice nursery place for her in September and are starting the process slowly by trialling her (well, us both) at the creche at the children's centre on the same premises whilst I have gone to pregnancy classes to make some mama friends in our new home town! It has gone perfectly so far and she adores it.

Sadly, we are no closer to solving any of her outstanding medical complications from her Fontan, though thankfully we are not on daily appointments anymore. We are now under a gastro consultant at Chelsea and Westminster in London to add to her cardiologists at The Royal Brompton in the hope we may start to know where to look to get some answers but our little lady seems to be baffling all the best professionals we see! On paper we should really still be wired up in hospital but whenever they meet her, they cannot believe how well she is coping. We have also met our new General Paediatric Consultant who is just wonderful, and yet another reason why I am so glad we made the move to Hertfordshire when we did. Ivy has also been diagnosed with a couple of mobility issues, some related to the operation and some not so if there is anything we gain from appointments in February, is just to not add to our long list of concerns - this girl needs to catch a well deserved break!

I, myself, am scarily well into my third trimester, hitting 33 weeks this week which means by the next Me and Mine project I publish I will be FULL TERM - how on earth did that happen? Due to Ivy's small size we have been booked in for growth scans every 3 weeks but we seem to be having the opposite problem this time around with our little man settling himself on the 90th centile (eek) I know these measurements aren't always accurate but I am certainly more uncomfortable this time around and most definitely becoming more scared about giving birth! I am beginning to feel now I have been pregnant forever and getting to the stage where I'd just like our baby in my arms - I'm getting so impatient to meet him and we've managed to get ourselves very organised and have got everything ready for his arrival already.

So M, if you're reading this, we need to keep that organisation on a roll and get a snap of us all in February as there is a rather large chance it may be the last one as a 3(!)