In | The Children's Bedroom

When we moved into this house, it was the first real opportunity for me to decorate somewhere that was my very own. Having spent most of my life at my Mum's (with a 4 year spell in an array of questionable house shares in London) it was the first completely blank canvas I had had to create a home and I must say I couldn't be happier with how it is taking shape. I am even luckier that me and Michael seem to share most ideas of how our home should look so choosing colours and furniture etc hasn't been argumentative (despite numerous Ikea trips and the obscene amounts of Orla Kiely I've snuck in) but the Children's bedroom has very much been my little project.

I'd had ideas (and pinterest boards) of how I'd wanted Ivy's dream room to be since my pregnancy and had begun collecting bits and bobs for a long time before we moved in here. I had always loved colour and rainbows for myself as a child (even more so as a teenager with the introduction of Ikea into my life) and couldn't wait to project that onto her too! Even better, it was nice to know this could be easily adapted to work in a Unisex bedroom when we decided to go for a two-bed and knew early on in the pregnancy that whatever the gender, the babies would be sharing. We are incredibly lucky that the two-bed we have got is exactly that (rather than a master with a box room), and the space within the second bedroom is more than enough for the both of them.

It didn't take long for this to become my favourite room in the house and now just weeks before our new arrival is due, I finally feel like it's nearly finished. Do rooms ever really feel done? Maybe not, but this is as close as I think we're going to get it at this stage and I just couldn't wait to share it with everyone - I don't think I'm going to become an interiors photographer anytime soon but I hope you can get a good gist for the space

Ivy's Corner
As if moving into her own room wasn't a huge enough milestone after co-sleeping with me for most of her life, we also took this opportunity to get Ivy into a big girl single bed. We went for the Ikea Malm with under bed storage due to it's similarity with what we'd chosen for ourselves and how happy we'd been with it so felt it could work in this room too.

Baby's Corner
We started to set up Baby Clarke's side of the room as soon as we could (mainly so I didn't get carried away with Ivy's obscene amount of possessions) As with most second children, he has inherited Ivy's John Lewis cotbed but we have updated it a little to work in the space and have added the cot top changer and a cot drawer.

The only downside to our home is there is next to no built in storage so we've had to think very carefully about where were going to hide all our stuff. Both children have the majority of their clothes stored under their beds comfortably and like most other parents in Europe, we have gone for the Kallax storage for it's affordability and ability to hide or display toys and books as and when you need - opting for one 2x2 and one 4x2 so we could display Ivy's amazing dolls house.

Decorative Bits and Bobs

Orla Kiely Elephant
every room in our house has an Orla Kiely theme within it and I'm afraid I couldn't resist getting one into the children's room as well. I adore the elephant pieces and feel like the do fit perfectly in this room whilst keeping the aesthetic of our whole home

I am a sucker for a good print and have spent hours deliberating which we were going to keep in here and where they were going to go without the walls getting too crazy. All frames are Ikea.

Ivy's side: Miniwilla Rabbit - Habitat 'Merge' - Miffy Postcards
Baby's side: Somewhere - Rifle Paper 'The World Is Your Oyster' - Miffy Postcards

I have been collecting copper details for Ivy's bedroom since the very beginning of this process in the hope it was something we could add to easily and wouldn't be grown out of.

George light fitting - Tiger bedside lamp - George clock - Ikea clip-on light - H&M Wire Baskets - Oliver Bonas Copper Letters

And Everything Else

Ikea rug - Velveteen Babies garland - Ikea bedside table - Ikea curtains - Zara wicker elephant - Miffy light and Ikea stool - Retro Kids Dog - Homebase Rainbow Hanger

I hope you have enjoyed having a nosey around the room (even half as much as I love having a good look at other people's interiors!) Let us know what you think, or if there are any other queries about where items have come from at @amyrosewatts on instagram