5 Things | Preparing For Two

As if preparing for your first one isn't crazy enough, the thought processes behind preparing for a second little human are even crazier are they not? Yes, you are armed with the insider knowledge of what you'll really use and what kind of parent you'll end up becoming but having entered the world of parenthood blindly first time around we are also a lot more clued up with all the new-era essentials (physical and mental) that I had managed to avoid first time around. Add in trying to work out how to fit all of that into a lifestyle you have already established (rather than starting from scratch as you cross the threshold into parenting) it can all become a bit confusing - or maybe that's just my baby brain - but we finally feel like we're going in the right direction and at least pretending to be ready for our impending arrival.

Here's 5 Things we're doing to Prepare for Two, (of course with a very open mind as this could all be totally useless when he actually arrives!)

1. Travel
Despite number two almost certainly receiving a second hand travel system, choosing how to get around is still one of the biggest conundrums. Whereas Bugaboo or Icandy may have been the most gruelling question previously, trying to work out how to cart around 2 miniature people seems damn right impossible regardless of the choice you made in much easier times. For us, our biggest decision-maker was actually Ivy's needs and not baby's. Due to her health, she is still very much wheel dependent so we have decided on a three-pronged attack so we are (hopefully) fully covered. Being totally in love with our Bugaboo Cameleon3 we wanted this to continue being our main mode of transport, so we have invested in their new seated buggy board for Ivy to use with the pram/car seat set up and have made a very conscious decision to babywear little one wherever possible if Ivy desperately needs the seat. We have also gone for a very quick and easy makeover for the Cameleon by updating our pink canopy to a more gender-neutral petrol blue* which has in fact made me fall in love with it all over again.

Having moved to an area where it is possible to walk to most essential destinations (the hospital, the in-laws, John Lewis) we have also decided to try a double buggy, opting for the Cosatto To and Fro Duo for it's ability to work with a newborn and a toddler's needs simultaneously - watch for the full review soon.

2. Potty Training
Nothing quite nudges you into potty training mode like the thought of paying for two sets of nappies and we were both very keen to get Ivy into big girl knickers as soon as we felt it was fair on her. She's still on strong diuretics so we tend to pop a pull-up on her during car rides if we go out in the morning but she is confidently using the toilet independently at home and asking to use the toilet when we are out and about and I am so proud of how quickly she made the transition, especially after being nappy bound within hospital.

3. Day to Day Adventures
Before Ivy's operation, our life together was pretty full on - I was never scared to take her out and about all over the place (she went to London Fashion Week at 6 weeks old!) but I can't even imagine how difficult it's going to be trying to organise myself and two little people so that we're ready for a day out. I'm hoping that with practice, I'll have the confidence to take them both out together eventually but until then, we've decided to get a season ticket to Willows Activity Farm, as somewhere locally I can get them both to quickly and easily when Ivy needs a run around and I just need a coffee.

4. In and Around Our Home
I had definitely forgotten about the large amount of 'stuff' someone so small needs - add this to the ridiculous amount of bits we've accumulated for Ivy in the last 3 years (not even including everything we have passed on to other people in that time) and you are certainly at risk of cramming your home so full that it begins to resemble Toys R Us. We've tried to choose our new things carefully so that they come with practically and longevity and not just one or the other. We have bought a second Stokke Tripp Trapp, something I wish I had bought much earlier with Ivy. so that little one already has his place at the table from day dot, and somewhere comfortable to sit at our level when I am blogging or Ivy's painting instead of being popped on the floor in a bouncer (we spent a hideous amount of money on Ivy's bouncer and she hated it, so lesson learned) For a similar reason, we have also invested in a Sleepyhead pod so that little man can sleep where he likes, when he likes in theory(!) and will last much longer (and can be moved much easier) than a traditional moses basket, both during the day and when the time comes to transition them into a room together.

5. Heart
When I was pregnant with Ivy I had no doubt I was going to (atleast try my hardest) be the best mother I could be. I brought that little girl into the world and made sure I gave her my absolute everything from Day 1 and I feel proud of myself for doing so - she needed it and through all of my fears of losing her, I did too. But this time I can't help but feel that dreaded mama guilt (already!) that I physically cannot possibly do the same for my little boy and the thought of them both only getting half of me started to get me really down. The thing I need to remember the most is that 2 are not becoming 3 - 3 are becoming 4 and this time around, my 2 halves to them will be made whole by another loving parent in addition to all of the wonderful family I had around me with Ivy. Most importantly, I know that neither of them will receive only half the amount of love. It is scary how much my love for both of them has grown over the last 9 months and I know it will continue to do so the moment I have them both in my arms.