Out | Willows Activity Farm

Friday 9th December

Ivy Wears: Next Coat, Ebay Hat, Little Bird Dress, Next Tights, Boden Boots*

Ivy's birthday is always the most special and emotional day of the year, but this year it was even more so. After daily trips to the Royal Brompton that week, it was by way of a miracle that we were able to celebrate at all, but thanks to some of the most incredible nurses we were able to squeeze in a quick visit to an activity farm around the corner to see Father Christmas before being seen at our local hospital instead. I so wish I'd snapped more pictures but it was just so wonderful being out and about with her, the already short amount time just slipped away into nothing. These types of days were our normality before September and for the first time since then, I felt we were really over the absolute worst of this experience and we got a quick reminder what life will be like once again , just with a big THREE year old.