Out | Tesco Baby Event

Saturday 21st January

Ivy Wears: Boden Cardigan*, Little Bird Dress*, Clarks

If there is anything I have learnt about heading up my new family set-up, it's that routine and ease are key to a harmonious life and for this reason, we get our weekly shop out the way first thing every Saturday morning so we are free to enjoy the rest of the weekend together in shop-free, and stress-free bliss (anyone that says a food shop with a partner and a toddler isnt stressful is lying)

We're lucky that we only live a mile away from a nice, big Tesco Extra so with news of a baby event on this weekend tying in perfectly with our weekly shop slot and the 30 week panic we've been having in regards to getting ready for Baby Clarke, it felt like the perfect opportunity to start the pre-baby stock up. With all our usual brands like Pampers, Johnsons and Ella's Kitchen on offer across most (if not all) of their products, it didn't take long to get the trolley full of essentials for both toddler and newborn so we could start on the vast amount of other bits and pieces (which are far more fun) like multi-coloured Munchkin bathmats, Lamaze goodies and the cutest teeny tiny baby grows which were all fab value for money - the greatest essential of them all when expecting number 2.

Not only did we get hold of all the brands we've known and loved since we first had Ivy, we were also introduced to some new tips and tricks from the lovely Baby Club team in the form of new recipes to whip up, advice on alternative, more natural creams and even a lullaby app to help the little monkeys get to sleep (more of which can be found on the Tesco Baby Club website)

Amazingly, we left feeling almost ready for daily life with a newborn and even snuck in a coffee and a cake together at the end and that, is as stress-free as the Saturday morning shop can get - hurray!

This post is in association with Tesco Baby Club but all views, words and purchases are very much our own