Out | Harrods Charity Christmas Party

Sunday 27th November

Baby Idris with one of our favourite Brompton Nurses

Ivy Wears: Next Waistcoat, Little Bird Dress, Boden Boots

Each year, Harrods throws a Christmas party for all the children's hospitals in central London and this year, Ivy was asked by the play-team at the Royal Brompton to come along as she was still spending so much time on the ward. Incase this wasn't exciting enough, it was infact her first ever party! and despite being a little overwhelmed by some aspects of it (we do not like Father Christmas and months of treatment has traumatised her by strangers prodding her and written off facepainting) she adored dancing with fairy princesses to Uptown Funk and being allowed ice cream before 11am.

These kind of things will never make up for Ivy's lack of health, but I have to admit they are a bit nice. After everything this gorgeous girl has been through, I spend my whole life doing special things to make sure the rest of her life is as wonderful as it can possibly be and I can't tell you how amazing it is when this is all our hospital wants for her too.

So in the interest of spreading some Christmas joy, if you can spare any amount of money, big or very small, towards the Brompton Fountain's Christmas Toy Appeal to fund gifts, decorations and smiles for all of the children on the ward this December, I can assure you, you will making some of the countries most poorly children and their super-parents so, so happy this festive period. Every little moment counts with these kids and the Bromptain Fountain have certainly made our life a lot easier these last few months, I can't wait to pay it forward to everyone else.

thank you so much from the bottom of our (very strong) hearts


11 weeks difference thanks to the Royal Brompton Hospital