In | Me and Mine Project #5

November 2016

Here we are, in our home :) We seemed to have lost the last intended Me and Mine photo in the dregs of hospital life and then finally adjusting to life in the real world in the final days of October. It has been a slow and steady transition whilst we try to find normality between the obscene amount of day case appointments we are still having at the Royal Brompton but I could not be more in love with our life in Hertfordshire so far. I love what routine we have managed to install, I love the actual flat itself, how it's taking shape and our neighbours, I love being within a walking distance of John Lewis and I love waking up to these two monkeys every single morning.

This month, we have also managed to hit the half-way mark through pregnancy number two. The last few months have simply vanished into another universe and we're now enjoying the true presence of the latest addition to our family with a noticable bump and a lot of kicks and wriggles.

The month ahead is as manic as any December should be with a certain little someone turning THREE and christmas celebrations galore before a well earnt break at Center Parcs for the big day itself - All is truly, Merry and Bright.