Out | Little Bird By Jools SS17

Thursday 10th November

and a sneaky bit of Orla Kiely x Gro Bag

Ivy Wears: Little Bird Stripe Roll Neck, Little Bird Cord Pinafore, Clarks Shoes

Quite simply, this has to have been the most incredible press preview I have ever been to. If I didn't think I could love this brand anymore, they've proved their 5 year anniversary year will certainly be something very. very special and I feel honoured to have been a small part of their big launch this week. As ever with Little Bird, the collection boasts modern vintage fun but this collection in particular is even brighter and better than ever before with more rainbows, a subtle hint of pink included and 3 extra special additions to the brand which I could not be more excited for:

Tommys Collaboration
It is no secret that many Little Bird fans are so due to finding the collection when shopping for their very own rainbow baby and I cannot put into words how wonderful I think it is that Jools, George and the team and Tommy's have honoured this and have designed a perfect little bodysuit to raise some money for such an important charity.

Maternity Collection
As my luck would have it, this brand new 7-piece collection will be launching in January, right in time for my third trimester. Some things are just meant to be!

Brand New Nursery Range
After the success of their first nursery range (that launched 3 years ago and yet, is still in very high demand) Jools and George have been working on this new project for quite some time and hasn't all their hard work paid off? The dreamiest patchwork quilt, a RED moses basket and gorgeous little tortoise toy will all be included (with a set of cotbed sheets to come as well!) This is also very perfectly timed with the arrival of my own little bundle and I cannot thank the guys more!

Despite falling in love with thousands of pounds worth of merchandise (once again) and the extra prospect of buying for two Little Birds this time around, it worries me that this won't be all that's on offer within these collections with lots of surprises also still to come! But after what we have seen so far I'm sure it wont want to be (and certainly won't be!) missed