In | Me and Mine Project #4

September 2016

I think we can say that September was the most momentous month of 2016 for our family. Going through any of these occasions can be equally as stressful as it is exciting but not content with just one, we attempted three:

- As you have probably seen, Ivy had her life changing open heart surgery on the 12th September. After a fortnight of slow recovery we were discharged, only to end up back in hospital a day later and have been here ever since. She is being so brilliant but no end in sight quite yet.

- We got the  keys to our first family home and far too many Ikea trips later we are beginning to make it our own! It's so lovely tp know that we have a completely fresh start ready and waiting for us when we are finally allowed home and I am itching to get going on decorating the new flat for Christmas already - that's what too many hours in hospital does to you

- And most excitedly, we had our first scan and first glimpse of Baby Clarke! We are so over the moon to be adding to our family next Spring and so far, everything looks wonderful which is all I have ever dreamt of.

If someone had told me this time last year that this would be my life, I wouldn't have been able to believe them and every single day I remember just how grateful I am for all the love and luck I have, from the most incredible partner, to the most amazing childREN(!) and all the wonderful friends and family that have supported us through the madness that has been September. Here's to a calmer October, maybe.