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Wednesday 12th October 

Today marks a month since Ivy's Fontan surgery and we are still residing at the Royal Bromptom Hospital. We never expected this journey to be straight forward - Ivy has an extremely unique and complex heart and the operation she had can pose numerous complications, some of which are keeping us in here despite her looking so very well in herself. Considering a month is a very short amount of  recovery time following this kind of surgery, she is doing amazingly and I could not be prouder of the strength and bravery she has shown and continues to do so.

Hospital life has become a normality. We almost have a routine (set around IV drips and medication of course) although no two days are ever the same. Some days see very little progress whereas others have had too much information/emotion to handle in such a short amount of time. I personally don't have much to show for the last month other than an extensive knowledge of M&S ready meals and a lot of naughty parcels to go home to but not once have I been bored. This has been our longest hospital stay to date and it feels no different to any of the shorter ones, it is a very strange time dimension in here.

So now, we are awaiting another procedure (a cardiac catheter) which may hopefully enlighten us with some information on the problems we are currently experiencing and I am hoping our next proper update involves a going home date, for good this time

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