5 Things | Cosatto Supa Go Pushchair

Ivy Wears: Boden Dress*, Boden Socks*, Vans

Isn't 2.5 an awkward age for travel? This little lady loves nothing more than to assert her independence and would quite happily walk everywhere if she could but her physical ability just can't compete. Whilst she's still so dependant on wheels, and will be for the forseeable future, we have been on the hunt for something suitable for her age, simpler than her travel system for quick nips to the shops and most importantly, something she wants to sit in.

After the overwhelming success of the Cosatto Anti Escape System (see here) we wanted to stick with a tried, tested and loved brand and knew the Supa Go Stroller was going to offer us everything we were looking for, and probably more!, to carry us through this summer and beyond. We do still need our heavy duty travel system but the having Supa Go compliments this perfectly, and we finally have all our pushchair needs met, hooray!

Here's our 5 favourite things about the Cosatto Supa Go Pushchair

1. Print
It's not often you get quirky and quality but the Supa Go excels in both of these. It's no secret that Cosatto are the number one in print appeal and with the Supa Go available in 4, you're guaranteed to find your perfect match. We wanted a buggy to showcase just how bright and beautiful Ivy is, so it is no surprise that my gorgeous little rainbow chose the Magic Unicorns* design herself. I adore the fact the pattern is predominantly navy - we're not really into excess pink and and the darker the background colour, the less obvious my coffee splashes - but the contrasting hood lining lightens the space up for Ivy when it's pulled right over, and allows her to look up to a bright sky even on the dullest of days.

2. Size
The Supa Go takes up so little space in my car (which is a 3 door Corsa may I add, so space isn't a luxury we've been graced with) and also slots in nicely under the stairs at home and in bus luggage compartments. Having only ever used a travel system, this is still a novelty to me.

The stroller is so easy to put up and down, I didn't even need to read the instructions immediately upon ripping the box open in excitement and can be set up in speeds even fit for a toddler (or the long queue of people behind you waiting to get on the bus). Once the buggy has been compactly folded. there is even a subtle carry handle, another fabulous bit of attention to detail to make every day life just that little bit easier.

3. Recline 
Ivy still has to nap for a lengthy amount of time during the day so one of the essentials for us was recline ability. The multi-position recline feature is a smooth and easy transition with a nifty one-handed clip on the back of seat. The flatest setting is infact suitable for teeny newborns but with the extendable foot rest it's just as relevant for Ivy's age too.

4. The Hood
To aid the snooze situation, we also rely on a hood to block out stimulation in order for her to sleep in the first place. The Supa Go hood has a zip-up, extendable canopy which not only does the trick but is also a UPF50+ sun shade. Arguably my most favourite feature is the window in the back, so you can keep and eye on your forward facing fiend as often as you like. Or in Ivy's case, she can keep an eye on me.

5. On The (Supa) Go
The biggest attraction to any stroller is it's compatibility to your lifestyle. We got the simplicity we were looking for but with all the added extras - most of which I hadn't even realised were essential to for an easy ride. This streamlined stroller is a smooth sail for both me and Ivy. Adjustable handlebars, quick clip release straps and Mary Poppins storage basket are all key elements to why this pushchair is so perfect for us and I can't wait to take it on even more magical, pushchairy tours.