Wardrobe | Am I Mrs M&S?

June 2016

Marks and Spencer Limited Edition Dress, Orla Kiely Bibi Shoes

Marks and Spencer Limited Edition Jumper, Topshop Dungarees

Marks and Spencer M&S Collection Denim Jacket, Marks and Spencer Autograph Dress

Marks and Spencer Indigo Jumper, Topshop Blouse, Zara Skirt

Hi, I'm Amy-Rose, I am 25 years old and I am proud to buy my clothes in Marks and Spencer. In fact, in the last 6 months, more of my latest wardrobe additions have come from M&S than they have from Topshop and Asos combined. I would consider myself a pretty fashion conscious mama (remember Two Shoes, One Pair?) and also know that mega babes Zoe at Dress Like A Mum and Emma of EJSTYLE are also fans of the high street giant so why are they not getting the recognition they rightfully deserve? Because of PR Disasters such as 'Mrs M&S'. For a brand who wants to sell their clothes as 'stylish and contemporary' - which they certainly can be - and for a company who has pumped a great deal of time, energy and money into a campaign faced by queen Alexa, it seems strange that they are trying to target such items to a married lady in her 50's who spends around £30 per transaction. Not the best way to attract style influencers into a store who's supposedly 'loyal customer' has led them into difficulties of late.

Did I go into Marks and Spencer looking for clothes? No. Unfortunately, I usually have to walk the length of womenswear to get to my beloved Foodhall and I am never not shopping. It's not until you step inside you realise that it doesn't take much to see past the confusingly divided collections, complicated layout and 'out of date' repuation to find some incredible, well made, well priced items which is a combination rarely offered from other fashion retailers.

My favourite pieces have mostly come from the Limited Edition collection - unsurprisingly as this is where trend-led customers are drawn in by fashion-forward items that my mum would be unlikely to wear but are still unique and classy. I've never had to face anyone else in the street wearing the same outfit as me yet still get endless compliments - the perfect equilibrium for any fashionista.

Having found a love for statement pieces from LE, I have sinced branched out and buy from across the store and certainly make M&S a chosen destination on my retail trips rather than an accidental one. Autograph, Indigo and M&S Collection always have fab options on offer - my key piece of advice would be careful styling. I tend to stick to mixing and matching my brands to keep things fresh and interesting but I am loving using an increasing amount of M&S within my outfit building.

When it all comes down to it, I am hoping that ANY and all 'types' of customer walk through those doors to keep Marks and Sparks on the radar. I for one would be heartbroken to lose another iconic face from our high street and I hope that Steve Rowe can engage with a wide range of his audience to continue to produce clothes for all us lovely ladies. #ArchiveByAlexa was exciting, I'm glad it's got some more young guns though the door but it's also special to have somewhere I can shop with my mum (and previously my grandma too). And, most importantly, I'm always going to need M&S pants.

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