In | Health Update

May 2016

Those of you who follow us through Facebook and Instagram will have seen we've spent a bit of time in the John Radcliffe Children's Hospital. Part of Ivy's condition means that she operates at a much lower oxygen level to that of a normal person which means she suffers from cyanosis (looking blue). Recently, she has been having episodes where she's looked bluer than usual and after an A&E trip earlier in the week we were asked for them to stay in so they could look into why it was happening. Ivy was, quite frankly, the most unbelievably, well behaved little lady who was happy to just accept she was plugged into the wall, offered up her ear to thermometers, sang to each nurse who came to check her ops, was counting her own numbers (she knows we prefer 80's to 70's!) and didn't cry during any prods, pokes or scans. I was astounded, and I could not have been any prouder of her.

I must stress, that Ivy was not necessarily any more ill than she is normally - we're so very thankful that the majority of the time she doesn't look like there's anything wrong with her but that makes it so easy to forget what's going on inside that tiny body. She was acting her usual wild self, eating, drinking etc and these blue episodes do not seem to affect her in herself but the hospital wanted to investigate thoroughly. Many possible causes were ruled out and it is most likely to be an indication that she is most definitely ready for her next lot of surgery. We await a date.

You can find out more information on Ivy's forthcoming surgery here

I just want to say a huge thank you to the overwhelming amount of messages we received during our stay, some from people we barely even know. Although we don't tend to post out about the majority of our hospital stays, it is unreal the amount of people who genuinely care about my gorgeous girl and I am so very, very grateful for every single thought, prayer and comment that comes our way.