Holiday | Center Parcs Sherwood Forest

25th - 29th April

Only we could book a British holiday in the last week of April and end up with snow! Despite the obscenely cold weather and a few medical set backs, we still had an incredible break away from normality to spend some quality family time together and that's all that mattered.

This was the first time we'd been to Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest (I'd visited Longleat as a child) and we were astounded at how much there was to do, despite the unseasonal weather. We managed to cram in a round of crazy golf and a quick trip to the parks when the sun was shining but were able to occupy ourselves quite easily playing indoor sports (I lost at EVERYTHING), in all the extremely child-friendly bars and in our cute and cosy Woodland Lodge. We bought into the true CP experience and cycled everywhere for the week which was undoubtedly fun (and illiminated the guilt of over-indulging) and of course had a couple of trips to the Subtropical Swimming Paradise, by far Ivy's favourite activity of them all - espeically as she got to parade around in the coolest Zoocchini Sherman The Shark Towel

We always love leaving places we've enjoyed with plenty to come back to and Center Parcs certainly offers that! What's the betting that when we're back for Christmas, we'll be in shorts and tees ey?