Out | Modern Baker

Tuesday 19th January

Ivy Wears: Cololo Coat, Little Bird Tee, Little Bird Skirt, Clarks Shoes

I am very guilty of indulging in a 'coffee-shop office' trip on the rare occasion I am babe-free and I'm contsantly on the hunt for fresh, new hideaways. I admittedly tried, and royally failed, the clean eating thing in the summer (my sweet potato brownies were the worst thing I've ever had the displeasure of tasting) so I am pretty chuffed to have found somewhere that has done all the hard work for me so I can enjoy my blogging hours sin free! Modern Baker, in the very desirable Summertown, offers just that with pure and organic 'treats', beautiful coffee and an even for beautiful bread selection. With it conveniently being on the back of Ivy's swimming pool, I took my number one taste-tester to give it a whirl and she loved it so much, she wouldn't even share her goodies!A huge hit with us both, and with the world's fussiest toddler it's not often I can say that - such a shame I'll be keeping this one to myself ;)