In | Christening Invitations

It's amazing what a bit of tape can do isn't it? Following on from my Save The Date post (here), I can now share the main invitations with you all now they're finally out and in the hands of the recipients!

I got the basic idea for the bunting via Pinterest which you can view here but I felt like different shades of pink would be far more vibrant (and more 'us') than your typical white/pastel christening stationery. The easiest way to make the bunting was to do it before attaching it to the invite itself. I used 25cm bakers twine and lay it above a strip of white card and then attached the washi tape to the card, over the twine and then to the back of the card. Once all three were done, I cut the triangle shapes. Then you can centralise the bunting before tying the twine together on the back of the card. Each set of bunting is unique! but I only had 18 invites to create.

Alongside the actual invitation, I have included a little (but obvious) note explaining why we would not like gifts which were simply more tape and a charity sticker and the day's menu which was knocked up by the venue, who obviously do not share my love for wonderful washi. To finish up, I jazzed up the most boring of envelopes by underlining the addressee with left over tape to tie all the elements together. 

My aim was to create a simple yet stand-out alternative to shop bought invitations and it just so happens that I have spent much less cash in the process, bingo! Although that doesn't include the time spent making them, I'm proud to have created the perfect personal touch to Ivy's big day which is priceless, don't you think?