Holiday | Disneyland Paris - Day One

Monday 26th October

Ivy Wears: Little Bird Cape, Little Bird Cardigan, Little Bird Tee, Gap Dungarees, Clarks Shoes

Back in August, we were presented with the news that Ivy's next Open Heart Surgery will (most likely) take place next summer and part of me dealing with that, was booking a trip to Disneyland Paris. It was certainly an Ivy-friendly destination but I'm not going to pretend this holiday was for her, it was most definitely for me! So just 2 months later, we found ourselves at St. Pancras boarding the Eurostar, first class none the less!, and I was the most excited about a holiday I think I have ever been!

Top Tip: Take fruit with you! Once you enter the Disneyland Parks, you will not see anything even vaguely healthy or wholesome until you return to St Pancras. 

The train ride was easy, with one change at Lille, and we arrived at Marne-le-Vallee mid afternoon and checked into the Newport Bay Club (***) Hotel, a sea-theme running throughout and based on the lake just a 10 minute walk from the parks - perfect. We headed out to explore the Disney Village and grabbed some dinner at Annette's Diner before hitting the hay nice and early ready to get to the parks on Day 2