Out | The Big Feastival (Sunday)

Sunday 30th August

After a gorgeous day at The Big Feastival on Friday (see here!) I was raring to get back for the Sunday - these are the tickets we'd had for weeks to see Jamie Oliver, Raymond Blanc and the Queen that is Paloma Faith. Booking an outdoor activity on a bank holiday weekend is pretty much asking for rain but even we couldn't cope with the sheer amount of stuff and the moment we got there, I was all set for going straight back home. However, we weathered the literal storm, fuelled up on some mac n cheese, tried and failed to catch a glimpse of Mr Oliver doing his thing and before giving up completely headed round to the children's area of the arena and it was then the day started to liven up a little as none other than Peppa Pig saved the day. The entire ticket price was worth the look on Ivy's face when she saw who was there and that gave us the boost we needed to enjoy the rest of the day. And it just got better and better; it dried up, we got to pet some baby animals and enjoyed a bit of a boogie before heading home much, much happier than when we arrived

Until next time Big Feastival, you have been a joy and I can't wait to be back already x