In | Save The Date

There are lots of reasons as to why we waited to honour Ivy's life with some form of celebration but having recently been informed that Ivy's next surgery will most likely happen in summer 2016, it felt like the right time to start putting plans into motion and have finally booked a christening!

As a very keen crafter, I couldn't wait to get pinning ideas for the big day and it didn't take long to draw together an image of how I was going to do things. With a limited guestlist, I thought it was realistic enough that I'd be able to handmake everything myself if I got going straight away and after a trip to Berylune (the best shop ever) I was armed with all the card, felt, tickets and washi tape so was ready to go.

Washi tape is my crafty saviour and has a huge part to play in the main inviations so I thought I'd include it as a little taster with some Save The Dates. With busy friends and family, I wanted to get in there quickly - especially with the Christening being on Valentines - and these little cards were just another excuse to add that homemade touch to the whole affair, let alone being cheaper and more personal.