Wardrobe | Summer Twinning

I don't think the novelty of matching outfits will ever go away. I love it now just as much as I did when I first found out I was having a baby girl and I am certainly not looking forward to the day she refuses to play ball - so until that moment the twinning continues and here are our summer staples:

Denim has gone up a gear this season but we're actually bringing back these denim dresses from last year. I loved this little Next version so much, I turned to eBay to find another for this summer and managed to pick up a brand new one for next to nothing! Denim jackets are the perfect outerwear for this time of year, whatever your size

There is no such thing as too much stripe. On our down days we go for simple breton tops with jeans but our favourite stripe update has been these contrasting stripe dresses for something a little bit fun and a little bit different!

70's Boho
It's the summer of love and even we can't resist a bit of a folky feel and of course Zara has come up with the goods for the both of us on the tunic front! These have been great with tights in the chillier moments of this Spring but we cant wait to get bare legged! These gypsy blouses are just so cute too, perfect holiday wear.

For the days we're feeling extra girly, pinafores are perfect. Layered up and down as needed it's hard to think what we did without these summer classics! But the question is, denim or spots?!

While the docs are away for the summer, it's time for our trusty vans to carry us on our outdoor adventrures, though this year, we've treated ourselves to some moccasins too.