In | The Story So Far

Not too long ago, whilst scrolling down my Instagram feed, I stumbled across @craftedsisterhood, a small but growing community of women supporting and sharing each others experience in the whirlwind world of motherhood. I am the first of my close friends to have had children, so to seek comfort within these complete strangers has become a blessing, and I'm sure I'm not the only mama to think this.

After reading their inspirational stories, I thought maybe it was time to share my own. Writing out the events of the last 2 ears became very theraputic but most importantly, I wanted the chance to help someone else and I felt Crafted Sisterhood was the perfect platform to do this. If just one person comes across this blog post at a time when they feel alone, I will be over the moon. Our story isn't a pleasant one, but it's one I am proud of and when it all boils down to it, the happy moments outnumber the sad ones which is something I will always feel so lucky for.

So grab a cuppa and head on over to the Crafted Sisterhood blog post here :)